Motorists Annoyed At Slow-Moving Intersections

Without any traffic signals or anyone directing traffic, officials say the intersection of Eisenhower and Switzer near Edgewater Mall has become pretty congested.

Motorists are treating this as a four-way stop, causing perhaps a five or even ten minute wait to even get across the intersection.

"Oh, I can't believe it. I can't believe that they cannot put a light up there. Why can they not put a light there? We're in the year 2005. We can talk to people on the moon, but we can't get a light up there," said motorist Martha Prieto.

"Totally ridiculous. We do need some police not sitting in cars but out directing traffic," said motorist Caleph Raymond.

"We need to have at least a police or something right here. I mean right now it's OK, but like on Saturdays it's terrible," said motorist Tahera Williams.

"They need to get the light fixed," said motorist Jeremy Buford.

But these complaints are not going unheard.

The city of Biloxi actually agrees with them.

"The city should have installed a traffic signal there by now, and for that we apologize. However, we are looking, hopefully, you'll be able to count it in days instead of weeks as to when that situation is gonna be taken care of," said Biloxi spokesperson Vincent Creel.

Creel says 90-percent of the city's traffic signals were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, but the city's first priority was to restore the signals on the busiest streets like Pass Road, off the I-110 at Division and on Back Bay Boulevard.

But here at Eisenhower and Switzer, Creel says the city may consider putting an officer there to ease the congestion.

"We apologize for the inconvenience for people. We appreciate their patience and they are right that traffic signal should have been restored by now," said Creel.

Creel warns that even when traffic signals are installed, there will still be traffic congestion because with the absence of two bridges and parts of highway 90, the amount of traffic has doubled on remaining roads.