Investigators Search Fire Debris of Basketball Star's Home

Investigators are trying to find a reason why former NBA and Gulfport High basketball player MahMoud Abdul Rauf's home burned down Monday morning.

Workers were tearing down the brick walls that once held up the home so that investigators could examine the home better. "Some of the bricks had fallen down from above. And it only takes one brick to really ruin your day. We've already looked at what we wanted to look at as far as the walls, now for safety reasons we've just taken those walls down so no one gets hurt," Fire Investigator Ron Baughn told WLOX.

Investigators know they have a big job ahead of them getting to the bottom of what caused the 8,200 square foot home to burn down. A lot of the debris will have to be moved and shelved out so they can look at the different metals and wood to see if it will give them some kind of a pattern. This could help them rule out an accidental fire.

Investigators say it could take up to three days to search through the ruins of the fire.