Highway 90 in Biloxi Set to Open in Less than Two Weeks

Plans to reopen Highway 90 in Biloxi are also moving ahead as scheduled.

The highway has been closed off since Katrina, but city officials are working hard to reach their goal of reopening the highway in less than two weeks.

Utility workers spent Sunday morning trying to make way for a traffic signal at the intersection of Eisenhower Drive and Highway 90 in Biloxi.

City officials hope to have all 24 traffic lights on Highway 90 working by December 15, the day Highway 90 is set to reopen in Biloxi.

"Since day one, we've had a plan, and we've been working that plan on Highway 90. You'll recall in mid-September, MDOT said 90 days for Highway 90, and we're right on track with that," said Biloxi spokesman Vincent Creel.

New street lights also line the highway in Biloxi. Creel says the city wants to make sure the highway is safe before reopening it to traffic.

"We said all along, since day one that this thing was going to be open whenever it was safe to open. We've had debris workers, utility workers, emergency workers down here on Highway 90, and we just didn't think it'd be a safe thing to do," Creel said.

"What we're looking at here is economic development, getting this highway back in shape in a safe manner, having all lanes open by December 15."

As for the casino barges that still line Highway 90, they're expected to be removed by the time the highway reopens.

"The casino operators, that would be at the President, at the Grand, and at Casino Magic, they've all assured us that they're going to have companies come in. They've already got them on the job, and they're going to be dismantling the barges and moving them, piece by piece," Creel said.

Creel says reopening highway 90 will help alleviate traffic in the city, and will also help pave the way for more economic development in a once-thriving area that's still known as the Strip.

Gulfport opened the Southern most lanes of Highway 90 to two-way traffic on Thursday.