Efforts To Repair Gulfport Little League Fields Ongoing

Like everywhere else Hurricane Katrina delivered a devastating strike to the Bayou View little league baseball fields.

"We have between 600 to 800 children,. boys and girls that play softball and baseball and T-ball," says Ricky Dombrowski, President of the Gulfport Youth Sports Association.

But since the storm these fields of friendly battle have served a much more serious purpose.

"There's still some military things stationed out here," says Dombrowski. "At least they're off the fields. They were right on the fields and camping with tents and so forth. I know that was necessary for the storm but now I think things are coming around. I'd just like to see some kind of movement, see something happening. Hopefully they'll get things moving pretty soon."

A former City Councilman, Dombrowski understands the recovery pressure is tremendous on the city of Gulfport right now.

"We're not asking for perfect. No, not in any way, sense, or form," said Dombrowski.

But he is asking not to be forgotten.

"We are trying to work with the city to get the fences repaired the lighting put back up so that we won't be displaced and have to play at another location," said Dombrowski.

The league is also seeking additional financial assistance from sponsors and supporters.

The idea is to raise enough money to allow them to suspend the 55 dollar per child league fee for the 2006 season.

It's something Dombrowski believes will help more hard hit families return to these fields, and a badly needed sense of normalcy.

"They're going to start getting back into their routine," says Dombrowski. "Some of them won't have houses and things like that. This is just a great neighborhood atmosphere and we need to get that back."