Taylor Wants More Answers From FEMA

Congressman Gene Taylor isn't letting up on FEMA. Taylor gave the agency a deadline of Friday to get some firm numbers to him about just how many South Mississippians are still waiting to get into a FEMA trailer. Taylor got some answers, but he says it's still not enough.

The congressman says it's absurd that three months after Katrina, thousands of FEMA trailers are sitting empty while thousands of South Mississippians are waiting for a place to live.

Even those who are in trailers have had plenty of problems. The numbers FEMA provided Taylor show that of the 23,000 trailers occupied, more than 17,000 have needed repairs or maintenance.

The congressman says he is more convinced than ever the folks at FEMA just don't get it.

"I am just amazed that they have come to town, heard the same things I have heard, they sit there and say, 'Yea, we hear you.' But nothing changes. And they are not getting better at what they do. And the big thing is, if they are not getting better, why?" Rep. Gene Taylor said.

"I think, in fairness to the citizens who pay their salaries, a lot of these guys ought to be fired. It is unbelievable that that kind of incompetence goes on in our nation, and I will not justify it."