Breland Had Dream Job With Wiggins Police

A silent motorcade rolled down Vardaman Street. Beyond the sea of flashing blue lights was the body of 23-year-old Brandon Breland. And waiting at Vardaman Street Baptist Church were some of the people Officer Breland protected for five years.

"You know there is no magic words that I can speak today to take away the pain or the grief," Rev. Stan Bennett told the crowd.

J.D. Courtney is pastor of the church that hosted Breland's memorial service.

"He served our community in the role of a policeman, a member of the Wiggins Police Department. And he will be missed," Courtney said. "Brandon had a dream in law enforcement. And he didn't intend to stop where he was. He was continually trying to improve his education and advance to higher places in law enforcement."

Breland spent five years living his dream in the county where he grew up.

"He loved his job. He loved trying to protect our people and this community," Courtney said.

Inside the church were teary eyed law enforcement officers from a variety of departments and a handful of states. They came together to pay tribute to a fallen patrolman.

"To make a statement that Brandon was well thought of would be an understatement by looking around today," said Rev. Bennett. "He enjoyed what he did."

And then on Sunday night, while trying to protect somebody in his city, Brandon Breland and Odell Fite were both shot and killed. The suspected gunman is Ronald Husband. He's charged with two counts of capital murder.

The funeral service moved from the Vardaman church to the Sunflower Cemetery. At both locations, Rev. Courtney reminded the hundreds in attendance to keep Officer Breland's dream alive.

"The work that he began must go on," he said. "He was impartial. He was just. And we pray God will raise up other such leaders in his stead."

Just before the burial ended, a sound came across a Wiggins police scanner.

"Stone dispatch to Wiggins P.D. six," the dispatcher radioed. Ten seconds later, a second call, and then a third. Finally, she made one final announcement about the fallen patrolman from Wiggins. "Wiggins P.D. Six officer Brandon Breland. 10-7."