Hostage Drama Began Friday Night

We have new information about a weekend hostage drama in West Biloxi.

Police say Daniel Dee Queen threatened to douse his hostage with gasoline and set him on fire.

The crime happened in the suspect's home on Randall Drive.

Queen faces kidnapping and armed robbery charges. He's accused of holding a 17 year old boy against his will.

The calm and quiet returned to Randall Drive Monday.

Twenty four hours earlier, the typical middle class neighborhood was the center of unwanted attention.

The Biloxi Police hostage negotiation team and special response unit both responded. Police evacuated nearby homes and set up a command post. It's the kind of situation that keeps this team in constant training.

"Every day we progress in getting equipment, training and things like that. We're constantly in a training mode. Training is everything and we're doing that with both these units. Plus several other units we have in the department," said Rodney McGilvary with the Biloxi Police Department.

A main goal of the special response team is reached late Sunday morning when the 17 year old hostage is set free.

The teenage hostage was released unharmed some seven hours after Biloxi police arrived at the scene early Sunday morning. But the boy's father says his son was held against his will for more than 32 hours in a bizarre drama that actually began Friday night.

The father, Vitus Fan, gave us a glimpse of what happened inside the home over the weekend. He rents the house to the suspect, who's an acquaintance of the family.

Fan got a call from his kidnapped son early Sunday. The frantic father broke out a front window to get inside the home. He smelled natural gas and found an overturned stove with the gas line turned on in the kitchen.

Windows and doors were blocked. Fan says the suspect had purchased fencing, tools and boards to carry out the crime.

His son was kept locked up in a rear bathroom, handcuffed to the shower head.

Fan called police and the tactical team negotiated a safe end to the drama.

Vitus Fan's family owns "Yuki's", a popular Japanese restaurant in Biloxi.

By Steve Phillips