Jackson County Residents Adjust To Hotel Life

One business that has been booming in a post-Katrina South Mississippi is the hotel business. Pascagoula's LaFont Inn has been filled for months with Jackson County residents displaced by the storm.

"It is pretty good for the hotel business, but we kind of hate for it to be because of this reason," says Hotel Manager Brandon Turner.

Turner says he has been swamped with calls from people who still need a place to stay.

"We just do not have the rooms for them and we do not want to ask people who do not have homes to go leave the hotel," says Turner.

Peggy Keenan has been at the hotel since the storm, and says she's making the best of it.

"It has had its good points. I have met some really nice people and I think we'll be friends for a long time. And it was clean and safe," Keenan says.

Marvin Clark has also lived at the Lafont Inn since Katrina, sharing one room with his wife and three children.

"It small. It is very small," Clark says. "I think the biggest struggle is, I have a dog. When you have a hundred pound dog living in the room with you, it is quite a challenge."

While hotel guests are glad to have a roof over their heads, they do miss the little things.

"I am missing my satellite. I use to have all my channels, now you are confined to certain things you can watch," Clark says.

Despite the small rooms and the tiny closet space, Clark and Keenan say they are grateful to call it home for now.