Biloxi Approves Two Condo Projects

The Biloxi City Council has cleared the way for two more condo projects in Biloxi. The projects combined will only create a total of only 26 condo units, but one of the developments has already drawn the attention of some residents who live nearby.

Irish Oaks Condominiums will be located on a 1.8 acre lot southwest of the intersection of Irish Hill Drive and St. Jude Street. The Biloxi City Council voted 6-1 in favor of a zoning change that would allow construction on the 3 story, 12-unit project to begin.

"We've been able to come up with a design that we feel works well. It's very minimally evasive to the neighborhood, the way that we've designed it," said Bo Ethredge, President of Shoreline Development LLC.

Some people who live near the site disagree. They voiced their opposition at Tuesday's meeting before the vote.

"This area is low and holds water. It doesn't run into the ditch. So when they pave that and level it out, all that water's going to go somewhere. It's got to go downstream. That little pond that they proposed building there isn't going to hold all that water," said resident James Franks.

One resident said he supports the Irish Oaks condominium project, but he isn't so sure about other condo projects Biloxi has on the table.

"I make a pretty good living, but I can't afford to buy one that starts roughly at half a million dollars. I think a lot of these new developments have been mainly made for out-of-town investors for short term rental. It's not really for the local residents, like this project would be," the resident said.

The council also approved plans for a condotel called Beau Soliel, which would be located just south of Highway 90, where the Burger King once stood. Plans for that project didn't draw opposition from anyone at Tuesday's meeting.

"On this 14-unit condominium, it's going to show the people that we're rising out of the ashes of Katrina, and we're going forward, and we're going to have a big building boom here on the coast," said Biloxi City Council President Mike Fitzpatrick.

No word yet on just when construction will begin on each project. Condo units at Beau Soliel will sell for around $2.5 million each.

The city of Biloxi now has 27 condo projects in all on the table. Construction on two of those projects, SeaBreeze and Beau View, has already begun.