Donated Vests For South Mississippi Law Enforcement

Some 4,000 police officers nationwide, shot while on duty, are alive today because they were wearing bullet proof vests. That's the estimate of how many officers lives have been spared, since the vests were invented more than 20 years ago.

That's why, what happened on the steps of Gulfport City Hall Tuesday, is so vitally important. The CEO from a South Carolina based non profit organization, called In-Vest USA, came to coast to donate ten bullet proof vests.

"We can't think of a better way to show we care", said Michael Letts. "To show them that we care, about the job they do, and that we have the equipment that will bring them home safe to their families."

The vests weigh less than 2 pounds and cost under $1,000. Most police departments on the coast require their officers to wear them, but many were lost in hurricane Katrina.

Chief John Dubusisson of Pass Christian told WLOX News, "We lost about 12 altogether. We have a dozen or so left."

Two vests will go to five different police departments in South Mississippi, thanks to Invest USA and Cingular Wireless.