Burglary Arrest Good News To One Moss Point Merchant

One Moss Point merchant is relieved at least one person suspected in burglarizing his pharmacy is behind bars.

Tangelia Conerly, 32, is charged with the burglary of Sav-Rex Drugs on Highway 613 in Moss Point. Police are still looking for the second suspect 37-year-old Ricky Brown.

Police say Brown and Conerly broke into the pharmacy on November 28th taking money and merchandise. The pharmacy owner says it's happened three times in the last few months and he thinks it is the same people.

"I hope that's them. I'll be able to get them off of my back. I've been relatively safe here. I've had maybe three break ins in the last ten years. Now I've had, what, three in two months?" Sav-Rex Pharmacist Mack Hobbs says.

"I believe from the way they attacked the store, they attacked it in the same way. The first time they came in, they took only OxyContin. That was a day before Katrina. They came two and a half weeks later. They came again during the Thanksgiving holidays," Hobbs says.

"They got in this time and my burglar alarm failed. They were looking for the hard drugs. They just tore the back completely up looking for them. Of course, they took some of the out front stuff. A lot of jewelry. They took a lot of personal things. I was out of business for an entire day because of that. It hurts bad. Not only recovering from the theft, but being out of business."