Two Shots Fired At Slain Wiggins Officers

More specifics have emerged about how Wiggins officers Brandon Breland and Odel Fite died in the line of duty.

According to an assistant DA investigating the Sunday night shooting, the handgun used in the double murder belonged to one of the officers. An autopsy revealed that both men were shot twice, and neither officer was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

So far, the murder weapon has not been recovered.

"We have had tragedies in this community before. But never anything of this magnitude," Janet Fairley said.

Two of Janet's colleagues with the Wiggins Police Department died Sunday night in the line of duty. And yet for two days, Fairley never stopped working. She kept answering phone calls and dispatch calls.

"It will never be good. It will never be the same again," she said. "But we have to move on."

And that's where people like Monica Jacobsen enter the picture. Jacobsen is from the Picayune Police Department. But this week, she moved to Wiggins, so its officers could properly mourn for Brandon Breland and Odel Fite.

"We all are like family," Jacobsen said. "We want to work together. And that's our job is to help each other, especially in times of need like this."

An appreciative Fairley said the assistance was "really great. It isn't that we've never met before. It's as if Monica has been here all the time."

Picayune isn't the only department that sent assistance to a Stone County community where grieving officers remain in many people's prayers. Law enforcement agencies from all over Mississippi are in Wiggins. Some officers are working in the radio room. Others are patrolling the streets.

"It means a lot. It means a lot to be able to come out and help brothers in need," said Jacobsen.

The funeral for officer Odel Fite is Wednesday at Dixie Baptist Church in Forrest County. Brandon Breland's funeral is Thursday at Vardaman Baptist Church in Stone County.