Katrina's Three Months Past, But Clean Up's Still Going Strong in Long Beach

While it's been three months since Katrina made landfall, clean up in South Mississippi cities and communities is still going strong.

The sky in Long Beach was overcast Monday evening, but Mayor Billy Skellie says things on the battered grounds of the Friendly City are beginning to clear up, as more debris is scooped up and carried off with each passing day.

"I think it's doing quite well. I think we're at about 55, 60 percent complete on a lot of this."

Mayor Skellie says two sweeps have been made so far in most parts of the city, and there will be many more to come.

"There's still some areas in certain streets, especially busy streets that have only had one, and it's such a slow process with traffic and all that, and they have a hard time doing those," Mayor Skellie said.

As with other South Mississippi cities, FEMA will fully reimburse the city of Long Beach for debris removal until January 15. The mayor says he hopes the city can meet that deadline

"I don't know that we'll be complete completely, a hundred percent, but I do think that we'll be really close to getting it under control. We may have to extend beyond that because there's still a lot to do."

Debris removal isn't the only thing that's moving along in Long Beach. The boil water notice for the area of the city has been lifted until further notice. City officials say the water there is now drinkable.