Hardware Stores Crowded As Residents Build Again

Whether they are looking for rugs, faucets, or laminated floors, South Mississippians are filling local hardware stores like Home Depot in Gulfport to start the rebuilding process post-Hurricane Katrina.

Some are building from the ground up, and others are simply adding to what Katrina spared.

"We lost 27 trees during the hurricane and now we've got all this firewood that we've got for the next who knows how many years, so we're gonna build us a little cover to keep it all dry," said Joe Randolph of Vancleave.

"Yeah, we hear the price of electricity is going up, so we might need lots of firewood to help keep us warm this winter," said Melanie Randolph of Vancleave.

The Randolphs are part of a crowd that has helped to more than double the store's business since Katrina.

"About 33-hundred a day, over 21-thousand a week come through our doors.It's been incredible. A lot of people are rebuilding their homes," said Home Depot manager John Adams.

And they are searching for everything from lumber to landscaping.

As we all know, Hurricane Katrina did not discriminate, so a few Home Depot workers are a part of the shopping crowd as well.

"Basically lost everything. I had 8 feet of water in my home and so I'm doing the dance of insurance and FEMA and once I finish that, I'll start doing what everybody else is doing, starting at that end of the building and working my way to this end," said Adams.

So, until South Mississippi returns to its pre-Katrina beauty, local hardware stores like Home Depot will continue to stock the items you need to make your home or businesses liveable once again.