Deuce Still A No Show

THIBODAUX, La. (AP) _ The New Orleans Saints opened practice on Saturday without their No. 1 draft pick. Deuce McAllister dashed the optimism of Saints officials by staying away from camp. ``I don't know what the problem is,'' general manager Randy Mueller said. ``The money isn't going to change.'' Mueller said on Friday he thought McAllister would report in time to practice Saturday. The player picked just before McAllister and just after him had agreed to contracts, spelling out what the Saints would pay. Will Allen, a cornerback drafted No. 22 overall, signed a five-year, $6.5 million contract with the New York Giants. Denver gave Willie Middlebrooks, a cornerback drafted at No. 24, a six-year, $7.45 million contract. McAllister and the Saints have reportedly agreed on the length of the deal, the total amount of money and the inclusion of a clause that allows McAllister to void the final year. But McAllister didn't arrive in time for either the morning or evening practice. In their first practice, the Saints worked on plays designed to get both Ricky Williams and McAllister on the field. ``We just put Chad (Morton) in and went on with it,'' coach Jim Haslett said.