Moss Point School Target Of Vandalism

It has been a rough two days for the Moss Point School District.

It all started when a fire ignited at East Park Elementary on Friday causing severe damage.

Police now say arson was the cause.

Now, just one day later, police are investigating an incident of vandalism at another Moss Point School.

This time it was Ed Mayo Junior High.

"It appears some one came in the school and ransacked the school and removed some items and damaged some items removed some fire extinguishers from the wall and sprayed substance in the hallways," said Moss Point Police Chief Demetrius Drakford

The incident at Ed Mayo comes just one day after parts of another Moss Point school were severely damaged by fire and now police say it was no accident.

"Someone apparently used some type of accerlant to ignite the school and do some severe damages to the school," said Chief Drakford.

With two schools in the same city damaged, one by fire, the other at the hands of vandals, the question is could their be a connection?

"Anything is possible it is to early in the investigation to put and age level on whoever the suspects may and might be," said Chief Drakford.

One thing officials do know is that this behavior will not be tolerated.

"Unfortunately you will have people who will abide by the law and some who do not and it is our job to bring the ones that do not to justice," said Chief Drakford.

As for the impact these incidents will have on students, right now officials say all students at Ed Mayo Junior high will return on Monday.

As for East Park Elementary students, they will be relocated until the school is repaired.

Kindergarten through second grade students will attend classes at West Elementary.

Third through fifth grade will attend Kreole Elementary.

Interim Moss Point School Superintendent Dr. Rachel Carpenter says she is disappointed by the incidents but she says it will not keep students from receiving the education they deserve.

"Even though we have to displace the children again this will not stop the educational process. We will move all our instructional programs to the other two sites. I just want to make sure that all the children are safe and they are happy in this new home and hopefully this is temporary," said Dr. Carpenter.

Repairs on East Park Elementary are expected to start next week.

Police say both the fire and the vandalism remain under investigation.