Biloxi Marine Killed In Iraq Laid To Rest

Family members say being a Marine was a life long calling for Roger Deeds.

On Saturday, the Biloxi Lance Corporal, who was killed in Iraq November 16, was laid to rest at the Biloxi National Cemetery.

"I tried to get him to join the air force, and he said he wanted to be on the front lines, so we supported him a hundred percent in that endeavor," said Deeds' father, Scott.

At 24, the Biloxi marine would pay the ultimate price to fulfill his life's calling.

"This was his second tour, and it was going to be his short tour, and he was due to come out in December, but he came home to rest a little earlier and Semper Fi," Scott Deeds said.

Deeds was killed along with two fellow marines in Iraq during a gun fight with insurgents on November 16.

Roger's father says it wasn't the first time he had been attacked overseas.

"He was injured over Memorial Day last year. His convoy was blown up, and he sustained injury to his ear, and during the healing process, he couldn't wait to be healed, and to get back to his brothers in arms," Scott Deeds said.

Deeds left behind a wife, a one-and-a-half year old son, and a six month old daughter he would never meet.

"McKayla was born shortly after Roger deployed, and my understanding was that he had not ever seen her other than through pictures while he was deployed," Scott Deeds said.

However, Roger Deeds' heroics and legacy are sure to be kept alive--by those who knew and admired the young marine who lived for a cause greater than himself.

Deeds was a part of a battalion with the Second Marine Expeditionary Force.