Family Gives Thanks Amid The Ruins of Katrina

"We had to have the dressing and we had to have the corn casserole," says Janice Young as she prepares her Thanksgiving dinner.

But her family didn't have to have walls or a roof to enjoy Thanksgiving at home.

"Don't look down," says Janice. "Look up. When you look up it's all still beautiful."

The Young family has spent the past 9 years having Thanksgiving dinner in the dining room of their home right off the beach in Gulfport.

"You know we always sat and fought over who got the seat at the end of the table so they could look out the window. We don't have to have that fight today because every one of us have the same view," said Young.

This year was no exception despite the exceptional circumstances left behind by Hurricane Katrina.

Janice still has fond memories of what her home used to look like.

"It was a two story brick house with 3 bed rooms and a beautiful sun room that ran all the way across the back. The most important feature was a beautiful verandah that ran the full length of the house and faced out on the Mississippi sound," said Young.

But more importantly she still has what could never be replaced, her family by her side.

And it was with that family that Janice observed a day of thanks among the ruins.

It's just were the Young's wanted to be, together.

"What were thankful for is our family, and we're all here," said Young.

And it's where they vow to remain.

"This is our home, this community. We care about them they care about us. This is our community and we're staying."