New Community Center Means Better Life

A song of inspiration kicked off the dedication of the Beatrice Brown Community Center as Brown's friends, co-workers and family crowded in to see the center that bears her name. Brown is the Biloxi Housing Authority's community services director. She is a woman many describe as loyal, giving and dedicated to helping others.

Brown humbly says her desire to help people comes from a higher calling.

"I think this is a part of what God wanted me to do," she said. "I think He wanted me to make things more comfortable and better for people in the community, and I get gratification in knowing that this is a further step for education for our residents as well as the community."

The center is for both children and adults. The kids get to play in an outside playground, and adults can use the meeting room. The center will also have the first on-site head start school in a Biloxi public housing neighborhood.

"It's going to have a headstart program in here for 15 to 20 kids," Housing Authority Director Edward Jagnandan said. "We're going to have all kinds of activities in here, and I'm going to get computers in here. It's a wonderful center with great programs."

The people who live in Oakwood Village think so too.

"It's very nice, they did a good job on it, it's very nice and I love it to death," one resident said.

For Bea Brown, the center is one more way to reach out to her community.

"I am so happy that I can make things better that we can make a difference in peoples lives."