Rock Concert At Camp Shelby

There were lights, cameras, and rock and roll action.

This is usually not the scene here at Camp Shelby where thousands of troops train for combat each year, but Wednesday evening, the camp was filled with entertainment for a group who officials believe deserved a little break.

"It's definitely a chance to calm down a little bit and just kind of relax and enjoy themselves, sort of let their hair down for a minute during the middle of all that intense training because they are involved theater emerging training which is an intense training where they are learning things and working on things that's gonna help them on the battlefield," said public affairs officer Lt. Col. Doril Sanders.

Besides good music from rock band Rochambeau, there was good food, and just a good time to hang out. And members of the 134th definitely took advantage.

"We're really appreciative of this, that we get a chance to just relax from training and socialize with friends, and just get a chance to be at ease for a while," said PFC Cody Aston.

"It's really good for the soldiers because they're constantly working, some 24/7 and whenever they get a chance to break off to relax, a little R&R, what the military calls it. It's excellent for the morale for the soldiers," said Lt. Mannix McLaurin.

And that morale will be needed sooner than you may think.

Unfortunately, the fun will not last for long. On Friday morning, they will resume training to protect and serve the United States, but until then, they will take all of the down time they can get.

The fun continues Thursday at Camp Shelby with a 5K run beginning a 7 a.m., as well as a Thanksgiving Day parade to follow at noon.