California Woman Shows Her Dedication To South Mississippi

Lisa Campbell is just one woman - a very busy woman.

"We're in charge of the kitchen here for the next couple of days so we're feeding the volunteers as well," says Campbell.

And, she's a woman with ties to South Mississippi who's determined to see its people through the difficult days ahead.

"This is now my 3rd trip down here," says Campbell. "I see improvement. I see progress. But it's still devastating to me to see how far behind so many areas are."

A fact this San Francisco native fears is being overshadowed by equally tragic story of nearby New Orleans.

"That's my frustration. Three months later and people still don't know that Mississippi was devastated by this. The entire coast."

Lisa's dissatisfaction with the amount of attention South Mississippi is getting in the recovery effort is a big part of what drives her to keep coming back. But a bigger driving force for her and others like her is the difference they recognize they're making on the lives of the people they help.

"These people make it happen," says Rev. Jay West, Senior Pastor at the Gulf Coast Worship Center in Long Beach. "Without the people from out of state, we couldn't have done what were doing."

That includes providing food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment, and this week, Thanksgiving dinner for 3000. It's an effort this Californian continues to go a long way, to be a small part of.

"I'm a Yankee by birth, but I'm southern by root and by heart," says Campbell. "And I know that the people here are going to come through this."