Reuniting With Dog Brings Thanksgiving Joy To Couple

Five-year old Bailey, doesn't stray far from his loving owner Mark Tritt. Since Hurricane Rita, Tritt and his wife Thelma didn't know if they'd ever see Bailey and their other dog Annie again.

"At first I said, 'Well there's no way I'm going to get him back,'" says Tritt.

The story started with Hurricane Katrina. Thelma Tritt rode it out in Florida with family. Her husband stayed in their Bay St. Louis home, climbing into the attic with the two dogs to escape 17 feet of water filling their house.

"Yeah, we got right here and he didn't want to go so I had to more or less boot him up and then he stayed on that end of the attic and the other dog stayed about middle ways and I was on that end of the attic but we survived it. I mean we stayed up there during all the wind and everything else."

After Hurricane Katrina, Tritt joined his wife in Florida. Then Rita blew through, but he wasn't worried about his pets because he knew his neighbors were taking care of them. But when the couple came home, their dogs were gone. They had been picked up and taken to a shelter in Hattiesburg. Bailey then went to Tampa and Annie went to St. Louis.

"So I had to pick out their pictures out of the book and identify them, and they got in touch with the people, and the people called me from day to day checking with me, and that's how I got my dogs back," Tritt says.

The Tampa SPCA arranged for Bailey to get home Tuesday night. Annie will arrive next week.

"He loves his dogs and I knew he wasn't going to leave without them," says Thelma Tritt.

Along with Bailey and Annie the Tritt's have a cat named Midnight. Annie's return will make the family complete once again.

"Wonderful feeling cause I love my animals," Tritt says.

Bailey was adopted by a volunteer who lives in Florida and was working at the Hattiesburg shelter. She agreed to give the dog up if its owners were found.