D'Iberville Sets New Base Flood Elevation Levels

Many displaced residents are waiting to rebuild their homes, but they're also waiting to hear word from their local governments on what the new base flood elevation levels will be before they get started. Monday night, at a council meeting, the city of D'Iberville made a decision regarding new flood elevation levels.

During the meeting, city officials discussed rebuilding strategies with D'Iberville residents who lost their homes to Katrina.

"I got hit pretty hard and got destroyed, had to tear it down and basically got nothing left," said D'Iberville resident Scott Seymour.

Scott and his wife Sherri have been living in a FEMA trailer for the past few weeks. They want to rebuild their home on Bay Shore drive, but they've been waiting to find out what base flood zone elevation requirements the

"The city increased the elevation in the A and V zones by 4 feet in the V-zone and 3 feet in the A zone, which is along the waterfront. We also created a special flood hazard community area, which is designated by the area south of LeMoyne Boulevard, east of I-10. Those parcels which are not in an A or V flood zone, have to elevate to 14 feet," said City Manager Richard Rose.

"I think it was a pretty fair level for the city to go to 14 feet in certain areas. I think it was pretty fair to people to go ahead to their lives and get building," Seymour said.

FEMA had recommended that Southeastern D'Iberville set its base food flood elevation level at 18 feet, however, city leaders say they plan to appeal that recommendation.

"We feel like something might be a little skewed in the numbers because the elevations between D'Iberville and Western Jackson County are very similar, but yet the proposed flood elevations are four feet different. We feel like there has to be some clarity to that issue before we try to tell our residents to increse their elevations by four feet," Rose said.

The city ordinance requiring residents to rebuild at base flood elevation levels won't go into affect until March 1st. However, residents wishing to build before that, must obtain a permit from the city. If they build below the set levels, they'll also have to sign a form acknowledging the new elevation requirements that have been recommended by the city.