Lt. Gov. Tuck Supports Re-drawing College Board District Lines

One week after USM President Dr. Horace Fleming announced he would resign, the argument that south Mississippi is underrepresented on the state College Board gained some official support.

Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck said Thursday at the Neshoba County Fair that the make up of the state college board is unfair.

The district lines our college board is selected from were drawn in 1944. At the time, Mississippi had seven congressional districts. Now the state has only five districts, and it will soon be down to four. Tuck recommends that the legislature redraw the state college board districts to reflect the new congressional districts.

"It's been 57 years, it's time for a change and that time is now," Lt. Gov. Tuck said. "The one reason we need to do this is because of fairness. We need to make sure that every region of our state is represented. To do this we need to redraw those lines."

Lt. Gov. Tuck added that college board member Amy Whitten of Oxford agrees with changing the lines.