Auction Clears Up Room For New Businesses At Old Ammo Plant

Officials at the old Army Ammunition Plant at Stennis Space Center are clearing out space to make room for prospective tenants.

An industrial auction was held at the facility Wednesday and Thursday to get rid of the equipment in a building that once was used to make military explosive projectiles. The goal is to make the building more attractive for a large company to move into.

Bidders came from all over the nation looking for a bargain. All types of machinery that once helped workers build ammunition for the Army was up for grabs.

Danny Moore owns a hydraulic pump and parts business in Tennessee. He traveled nearly 600 miles to attend the industrial auction.

"The product that we sell is not something that you can just go to your local hardware store and buy," Moore said. "So we have to buy inventory wherever we can find it. We can buy from the manufacturers, but it's much more expensive. We find a much better deal at an auction."

The goal is to auction off everything inside this building and clear it out before next year.

"At the conclusion of this liquidation, it's going to make 400,000 square feet available unencumbered, no equipment. It's going to be open floor space" said Wayne Gouguet, facilities marketing director for the ammo plant. "It's going to really greatly aid us in marketing this facility. Up to this point it's been really difficult to market with the equipment in it."

Gouguet estimates the auction will bring in several million dollars. They say the money generated will go back into the building.

" The money that's generated above and beyond the expenses of the auction will remain here at the facility and reapplied back into the infrastructure such as building roads or improving the facility for prospective tenants."

The hope is a large company will lease the building and bring a lot of jobs with it. The two-day auction wrapped up Thursday evening. Buyers must have their merchandise out of the building by December.

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