Angels Sing To Help Musicians Recover

Dozens of bands played their hearts out Sunday night for a cause.

It was a benefit concert called "Calling All Angels" in Ocean Springs.

Musicians raised money to help other musicians who lost instruments, microphones and other equipment in the storm.

Thirty-five years as a musician had given Keith Williams an impressive collection of drums, guitars, keyboards and other musical equipment.

After Katrina, he says he didn't have so much as a drum stick.

"After the storm and the electricity came back home in my mother's old house, the house burned down," he said. "I lost everything I had."

Williams' band Ethnix had a hand in organizing "Calling All Angels." The benefit meant asking musicians to help other musicians recoup some of their loses.

"I was surprised at the participation that we got at this thing. Actually, we had too many bands to even book. We had to turn some away. Everybody wanted to be a part of it," said Williams.

The benefit was the band "PB and J" first gig since the hurricane.

"It's going to be a healing process for us all," said Joey Roberts."It's going to take awhile to get back to normal and have all the places to play that we're used to playing. Today is going to be a day of healing and a day of good music and being with fellow musicians who are pretty much in the same boat."

Some people in the crowd rate good music as a necessary part of surviving the storm.

Nancy Ponder says entertainment is "right up there after shelter and food. We're all hard working people trying to get our places back together but entertainment is definitely a good release. It's very important to people. "

Music lover Terry Breland said "There's not a lot of places that right now for people to go and enjoy good live music because of all the destruction we've had on the coast. So it's nice for a lot of people to come out here and see some good live music because we haven't been able to enjoy it for quite awhile."