New Store Opens In Gulfport

Workers are busy setting up displays and making sure the equipment is in order for the grand opening of one of Gulfport's newest businesses, Best Buy.

"We have stores in the surrounding area - Mobile, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Slidell, but we knew those were really far away from Gulfport, and they were helping the community but we couldn't service the community the way we know we could. So we co-created with other vice presidents and executives around...and said let's just find some real estate and open up a warehouse-type environment to where we can bring in what we know they're gonna need," project manager Patrick Eldridge.

And they did just that- bringing in appliances, computers, digital cameras, things that may have been damaged during the storm and are needed desperately now as people put their lives back together.

" We want to replace and help the community grow and rebuild itself," said Eldridge.

This store came together in a matter of days, as you can probably tell.

This Best Buy is a little different than what you would find in another city, and it's similar to a warehouse.

The floors are concrete, they are not carpeted, there are no fancy displays with fancy lighting and there's a limited music and DVD collection.

This store is simply here to serve the needs of the people.

In fact, many of the store's 78 employees understand those needs because as local residents, they were affected as well.

So, this new store is special to them, because not only are they getting a new job, they will help others get back on their feet.

Best Buy officially opens its doors Friday morning at 8 a.m.

The store also includes a Geek Squad, which is a team of computer professionals ready to fix all of your computer needs.