Jackson County Couple Worries About Piles Of Burning Debris

Ronnie Kimble made sure to capture on home video a burning pile of debris on a construction site that is less than 50 feet from his home on Mayfair Street in St. Martin. The site is part of the new "Windsor Place" subdivision in Jackson County.

Kimble says the builder is not supposed to be burning things like trash and a fisherman's net. He says twice, he had to call the fire department to put out the fire. Kimble says the home builder never got a permit to burn the trash.

But Kimble is also worried the smoke poses a health hazard, especially for his wife, who has asthma. Sophia Kimble thought she had the asthma under control, but she says since the burning started she has once again become ill. The Kimbels say the smoke seeps into their home and belongings, and it's not safe for neighbors to have to breathe the fumes.

The home builder of the new subdivision, Carl Hamilton, says he came out to the site twice to put out the fire. Hamilton says he didn't get a permit because he didn't think he needed one. He also says the burning has stopped, and it will not happen again.

The Kimbles also want Hamilton to haul the debris away. Hamilton told WLOX news that he plans to remove the piles from the Windsor Place development within the next few weeks. WLOX also checked with county fire officials, and found that Carl Hamilton was correct when said he did not need a permit to burn on the construction site.

However, DEQ Environmental Analyst Michael Egan says the burning was illegal because Hamilton did not have a buffer zone of 500 yards from the nearest house, and the pile contained a tire and rubbish items, like lumber. A DEQ engineer will review the complaint and notify Hamilton of what he needs to do to comply with state regulations and whether he will face any fines.