Volunteers Get Up Close Look At Families They Help

Mucking out the Griffin home gives church volunteers a close up look at the people who lived at the Kuhn Street address. Kathleen D'Agati carefully uncovers a cherished Barbie doll collection. "I have a Barbie doll collection and that's why I was lookin' for 'em. The boxes, she kept 'em in their boxes cause they're more valuable that way. But a lot of 'em are in pretty good shape. If anything, they're a little wet and it's pretty amazing they're still intact," she says.

They found something else amazing too: a 2001 state high school basketball championship ring. "We found that when we were rolling up the carpet and I just saw the box and I kinda pulled it aside and we were lookin' and it was tucked away and Steve looked at it.  So if this house had been demolished that would have been lost. Definitely and that's not somethin' you get everyday ya know," says Matt Fisk.

The volunteers say the hurricane caused so much damage and destruction, they knew their help would be needed. "When you can drive for ten blocks and all the houses have been damaged it's kinda overwhelming so that's why we're here to try to salvage the homes that can be salvaged," says Steve Sanders.  Salvaging the house seems a bit questionable at first glance. But Sanders says despite plans to demolish it, the house can be saved. "I have a construction background. We have a structural engineer so we looked at it this morning, we looked at the damage and we thought it would be salvageable. The family wants to salvage it if we can so we're doin' what we can for 'em," Sanders says.