Residents Still Waiting To Hook Up To Hancock County's Sewer System

Some Hancock County homeowners say they're ready to hook up to the County's sewer system. But no one's told them when the system will be ready. Residents in the communities South of I-10 have spent hundreds of dollars doing their part and they are now wondering when the sewer district will do what it promised.

The sign in Merlin Lavergne's front yard shows his frustration it reads "Direct Deposit ,waiting for hook up notice." Lavergne lives in Bayside Park he said "I got my sewer line down and I'm ready to hook up we don't know if the system is finished we haven't been notified." Lavergne and his neighbors are ready to give up their septic tanks.

The county took out a three point two million dollar loan to install grinder pumps and homeowners paid to put in sewer lines. As of July 16th, the county began charging residents for sewer service. Service they don't have yet. Sabo Garcia, lives right across the street from Lavergne he told WLOX NEWS, "We ain't heard nothing, no notices or nothing. I don't know what's going on. I'd like to know what's going on."

Officials at the water and sewer district Garcia and Lavergne should know what's going on. Sewer service in their Bayside Park Community was ready ten days ago and notices went out. Eddie Renz is Director of the Hancock County Water & Sewer District "When the contractor turns an area over to us they give us a list of addresses where they have installed these grinder systems. We, in turn, take that list and go hang the notices on the door of those houses to notify them it's time to hook up. I can't say whether somebody is collecting these things or whether they are blowing off in the wind. We actually have them on strings cards in zip lock bags they are weather proof and they tie to a door knob pretty good."

Merlin Lavergne says once one of those signs shows up on his door, the sign in his yard will come down. Homeowners who don't connect to the sewer system right away, face a $3.50 fine. However, Eddie Renz with the sewer district say second hook up notices will go out to those people so they can get connected to the sewer system right away.

If you have any question about whether the area you live in is ready, call the Hancock County Water & Sewer District at 467-6208.