Biloxi City Council Tours Historic Sites

Several Biloxi city council members got a lesson in history on Tuesday. Biloxi's historical administrator organized a tour to bring the council up to date with current and future projects at several historic sites. Although newly elected councilmen George Lawrence had already visited most of the sites on a special tour of historical places, he says getting a first hand account of the needs of each building makes him look at them in a different light.

"There's nothing better than hands on with anything. You come out in person to look at them," said Lawrence. "See what's being done and the things that need to be done, you just feel better about it."

Historical administrator Lolly Barnes hopes the tour will make elected officials feel better about giving money to renovation projects.

"It's very important if a project comes up before a city council that they have a first hand knowledge of the activities that take place there and what that building and what that museum means to the community, " said Barnes.

Although the tour focused heavily on getting the two new council members up to speed on existing renovations projects, veteran council members say they benefited from a refresher course in preserving the city's heritage.

Ward two councilmen Eric Dickey said "We want to work hard to try to make sure that the restoration and the improvement as well as the preservation of these properties will continue to linger on in this city for generations to come".

I Some of the historic places the council members toured were the Mardi Gras Museum, the Saenger Theatre, and the Tullis Manor

by Danielle Thomas