The City Of Biloxi Wants To Expand Point Cadet Marina

   There are 258 permanent boat slips at Biloxi's Point Cadet marina, and the marina is completely full. In fact, there is a waiting list in the city of more than 300. But there is some good news, the city wants to expand the marina, the bad news, it won't be anytime soon. If you want a boat slip in the city expect your wait to be very long. There is really only one way to get one right away, do what Sam Martin did. Martin says he did it the quick way. " When I bought the boat, the space was available with the boat, that is one of the ways you can get a space here. "

   In fact, its about the only way to get a space quickly, the city leaders know they have a problem on their hands. So, what's going to be done about it? Mayor AJ Holloway says city officials are looking into their options. "What we can do is go to the legislature, and ask for some tidelands funds, say 500-thousand dollars to get it going, hire an architect, hire an engineer to go up and see what it will cost."

   It won't be cheap, the Point Cadet marina, built in the mid 80's cost the city 8-million dollars, the mayor thinks the expansion just might cost twice as much. The mayor was quick to add, that more boat slips, means a lot more work than you would think, and that takes time. "Probably 24 month to finish the job, of that magnitude, you can expect dredging, permits, the corp of engineers and all these other federal agencies have to be satisfied."

   As for the people now at the marina, they have heard this kind of talk before. Sam Martin says he skeptical. " We have heard rumors of expansion around the other side, and as far up to the other side but that is all we have ever heard is talk."

By Jeff Lawson