Frenzy Underway To Reopen Biloxi Mall

The countdown in on for shop-aholics. On Wednesday, Edgewater Mall will open its doors for the first time since Katrina. Employees are frantically trying to get everything in place.

Denise Tran is anxious to once again dish out scoops of Rocky Road and Butter Pecan. Her ice cream parlor has been a Food Court staple for nearly four years.

"We want our life get back to normal," she said. "Everybody's trying to get back to the normal life."

A lot must be done to get Edgewater Mall back to business as normal. The mall took a foot of water during Katrina. With only two days until customers come through the doors, employees are feeling the pressure.

"There's a lot of hustle and bustle," said mall spokesperson Michelle Rogers. "The stores are working feverishly to try to get open. There is still some construction going on in some stores. In others, there's just details like trying to get the clothing on the racks, the fixtures in place and that type of thing."

Edgewater Mall officials expect most of the 110 stores that were here before the storm to come back although not all at the same time. Employees say they're eager to see the smiling faces.

Jennie Melching works in the mall. "I love it. I love being a people person and I love selling sunglasses and talking to the person. I love people."

From all the phone calls they've received, mall officials say they're sure people will get here on Wednesday ready to shop. Officials say the mall will continue with its regular hours of operation unless there is a problem with staffing. On Tuesday the mall will hold a job fair.

By the way, there will be a special visitor at Wednesday's Grand Re-opening Santa Claus is expected to stop by.