Pass Christian Gets New Business District

Will the creation of a new commercial center help get the Pass Christian economy going again? Some local residents and business owners say "Yes". They talked Danielle Thomas about why it's so important for people to be able to shop within in city limits.

By building a wheelchair ramp, John Hardy feels he's also helping build back his hometown's economy. This real estate office is one of several businesses set to move into War Memorial Park in Pass Christian.

"It will mean a lot because we don't have any income in the city right now," said Hardy. "There is no revenue coming in. We don't have any stores or anywhere to shop. We don't have it in here."

When Super Happy Ice convenience store opened it doors this past week customers discovered that instead of going out of town to shop, they could go to the park.

"We set up here because this is going to be where the local community shops for everything," said Ginger Holmes. "The library is here. The real estates agents are here and there are going to be other services offered."

People here say they expect War Memorial to eventually fill up with tenants. They say the more businesses move in the more reasons people have to stay here.

Billy Bonney said "Just to help bring people back in. A lot of people are undecided about what they're going to do, whether they're coming back, whether they're going to move. To get things going, it's going to help a lot. People see things starting to happen. Get some industry in here. commercial industry."

Bonney says this is a small step forward to a better economic future for Pass Christian.

"Someone told me it'd be nice to tell your grandkids one day that we help rebuild the Pass," said Bonney.

Business owner Ginger Holmes says businesses that will move in include Hancock Bank and Pirate's Cove Restaurant.