Veteran's Day In Jackson County

Students at Vancleave High put on quite a show for local veterans and the student body.

"I don't think that they understand what they've paid for our freedom. This helps them understand," Student Organizer Kathleen King says.

And all of the singing, clapping, and reminiscing also shows coast veterans their sacrifices haven't been forgotten.

"It means more to them than any kind of metal of honor," Debra Brown says.

"A couple of songs that the choir sings. They say each branch and ask them to rise up. We honor them," King says.

World War II vet Albert Eder comes every year.

"I really enjoy coming here. I get to meet some old friends, think about some that aren't able to make it here, and I know one day I'll be with them," Eder says.

Similar mood, but a different location.

"Private George Robinson, Jr. US Army," Karla Todd reads, then a bell is sounded.

In Moss Point, local officials called out the 161 names of Jackson County residents killed in war.

"Someone said earlier, they didn't realize that there were that many people from Jackson County who died in a war," Veteran Manly Barton says.

Organizers hope the ceremony makes people think about it.

It worked for Margie Dethloff.

"Memories," Dethloff says as she peers at the Jackson County War Memorial.

She can recall times long gone.

"I went to school with a lot of them," Dethloff says. "Harry Wilcox was in the band with me."

And her brother-in-law Frank

"They've got him a CPO in the navy, I'm not sure that's right."

But one thing Dethloff is sure of, he and all of the courageous soldiers on this wall died so that all of us could live.

"It's not a day we celebrate, It's a day we commemorate the many who gave there time and many of these people gave their lives so that we can have the things we have," Barton adds.