New Identity In Plans For Moss Point

While the service remains the same, the inside of Burnham Drugs has slightly changed.

"We had two feet of water in our downtown store, and that don't sound like a lot, but it gets everywhere," said Dr. John McKinney.

But what looked like disaster became opportunity knocking. McKinney and his crew are answering by upgrading the 103-year-old downtown drug store. He hopes the city takes advantage of an opportunity post-Katrina as well.

"What I'd like to see them do is tie Main Street into the waterfront. You know, we have this beautiful boardwalk down here. What I'd like to see is an area where people can come and walk and shop. Streets with small individual shops, unique shops, not the big box retailers. We have that in other parts," said McKinney.

Dr. McKinney may have a good idea- linking Main Street to the waterfront.

Since its beginning back in 1901, the city of Moss Point has been known as an industrial city. But many believe its time for a change in identity, and what better time than now.

"In my mind, we are our natural environment, and I would like to see our identity become more in line with the natural beauty that defines and shapes Moss Point," said Moss Point Mayor Xavier Bishop.

Mayor Bishop would like to see that natural beauty somehow connect all facets of the city, including the areas of Kreole and Escatawpa.

But he believes downtown Moss Point can and will be the main destination with updated city offices, unique shops and restaurants, and perhaps an art gallery.

He is definitely looking forward to the future.

"I think the plans that lie before this administration and the plans that lie before the people of Moss Point will carry us for the next 50 and 100 years. And what greater legacy than to be able to show future generations that we did it right," said Bishop.