Governor Asks DHS To Renew Disaster Food Stamp Benefits In Jackson County

Governor Haley Barbour has asked the Department of Human Services to extend emergency food stamps to Jackson County residents. But the DHS officials WLOX spoke with could not say whether the governor's request would be granted.

Knowing the governor is on their side is a relief to frustrated people who found their electronic benefit cards cut off this month.

Connie Jordan is one of those people. She's spent everyday since Katrina cleaning up her home and working to make money.

Jordan says the disaster relief food card has been a great help to her family, and has enabled her to spend the money she earns on home repairs.

"We still need help. To take this away from us now - We are working. We don't have time to sit in a four and a half hour long line at the food stamp office for them to tell us we don't qualify. We don't have that time. That's money away from work, that's money out of our children's mouths. Now with them taking the EBT card away, that's even more money out of our kids' mouths. So we're not going to be recovering. Instead, we'll be back in survival mode," Jordan said.

Officials with Department of Human Services say the change for Jackson County residents has nothing to do with the amount of devastation. The emergency food stamp service is only a one-month program.

The EBT cards were automatically renewed for November in Harrison and Hancock Counties because there is no food stamp office open in either county.

There is a food stamp office open in Jackson County. The phone number is (228) 769-3275.