Greene County Residents Organize To Keep Gaming Out

Pastor Mack Strange says he's happy that the Greene County Board of Supervisors voted against a proposal that could bring a casino to that area, but he wants the people at this meeting to know they should keep up their guard.

"There are still options out there for those who are proponents for gambling in our county, and we want to keep our people on the alert about those options," Pastor Strange said.

He adds that those who are for a casino could petition to have a referendum, and wants support in making sure the board of supervisors hear those who oppose a casino in the area loud and clear.

He's not alone. Members of Greene County Citizens Against Gambling have been vocal in their opposition to any gaming in their area.

"We want to make sure that they still know that not only were we against it, but that we're happy that the supervisors stood behind the people of Green County," Leakesville resident Liz Edwards said."

Besides the casino issue, residents say they are also concerned about things like education and the economy.

"The number one concern, not only of the supervisors, but of the people of Greene County is economic development," Edwards said. "We do need more here."

People at this meeting say they don't know the answers to all the problems. But they believe coming together like this is a step in the right direction.

Residents in the area could still present a petition to supervisors calling for a referendum on the issue. Members of Greene County Citizens against Gambling say they will continue to fight until that threat has passed.