Ocean Springs Residents Take Initiative to Beautify Park

A little initiative is all it took for some Ocean Springs residents to get the chance to spruce up a park.

Residents on Pine Drive say they were looking at ways beautify their neighborhood when they decided to include a nearby park in the project. Since Inner Harbor Park is under the jurisdiction of the county, one of the neighbors asked the Jackson County Board of Supervisors for money to buy flowers to plant in the park.

The city of Ocean Springs had already agreed to donate funds. Kim Ryan says she was pleased and surprised when the Board agreed.

"I was kind of surprised and I wasn't sure if it would work or not," Ryan said. "I'm very happy about it and very proud that our Board of Supervisors and the city is so supportive to the community."

Improvements to the park are set to start to this fall. The neighborhood residents even plan to take up some of the upkeep responsibilities. They say they hope the new look will attract more people to the park.

by Danielle Thomas