New Flint Creek Cabins Are Popular With Campers

Several newly built cabins at Flint Creek Water Park in Wiggins are making a big hit with visitors.

The cabins have more space and more amenities than the older cabins. Officials say they built the cabins to help make the park more economically self sufficient.

One visitor, Gene Viola, says every year he and his family and friends make a trip Flint Creek to enjoy a weekend of boating and water skiing. He says the new larger cabins mean they can spend time together and still have breathing room.

"We can spread out more," Viola said."The other ones were just too jammed, and we've go six kids and two adults and other families that come by all the time, so it's good for us to spread out with."

Spreading out is a lot easier in the new eight cabins built out at Flint Creek. The cabins have three bedrooms instead of two like the other cabins. They also have other perks like a fireplace, two television sets and a full size kitchen.

Campers say everything they need is at their finger tips. Officials say since the cabins were opened to the public, people can't seem to make reservations fast enough.

"Since we've opened them, once somebody leaves somebody else comes in," Assistant Manager David Russak said. "It's been very successful the last eight cabins we put in."

Officials the cabins combine the comforts of the civilization with the beauty of nature.

"It's like running a luxury hotel room, except for you also got big porches out back and you've go the lake," Russak said. "You walk out back on the porch and you're overlooking a lake and the scenery."

While the newer cabins costs a little more than the older ones, visitors say they are worth the price. Two of the eight cabins are wheelchair accessible.

by Danielle Thomas