Connecticut Girl Makes Sweet Delivery To Pass Children

Hayley Foote is a little girl with a heart of gold.

"This is a bear with a red heart", Hayley Foote told some Pass Christian students.

On Monday morning, the six-year old delivered 500-chocolate bears to the children at Delisle Elementary. Hayley was inspired to help by her grandmother.

"My nanna, she ordered some wrapping paper with shoes on it, and then she died. Then after she died, the wrapping paper came", said Hayley.

The wrapping paper came from the "Sally Foster Gift wrap" catalog. This year, the catalog arrived right after Katrina devastated South Mississippi.

"I was shocked when I saw every house that was knocked down, that blew, the water and the wind", said Hayley.

Hayley wanted to show the children in one of the worst hit communities that she cares about them.

"I turned to a page with my mom. There was a chocolate bear with a red heart, and no one knows what it tastes like, not even me. I thought they might want a treat, and that's why I got it for them", said Hayley.

So Hayley kicked off the "Bear Necessities Campaign" with a catchy slogan.

"Buy a bear and show you care", said Hayley.

She went to the beaches and malls in her hometown of New Canaan, Connecticut, and collected enough money to buy more than 300-chocolate bears. The "Sally Foster" company donated the rest, so each child in the Pass could get one.

The surprise on each child's face showed just how much they appreciate Hayley's sweet gesture. "Thank you"! the children yelled.

"I felt happy, because I was doing a nice thing", said Hayley.

It's enough to melt everyone's heart, especially Hayley's mom.

"It helped us more than it helped anybody here, because I just know my mother is so proud, and that makes me so happy", said Diana Foote with tears in her eyes.

The Sally Foster company was so inspired by Hayley's generosity, it donated 600-rubber bracelets to the children in the Pass, as well as $5,000 to the school district.

By: Trang Pham-Bui