Thousands Attend Picayune Street Fair

Hurricane Katrina hit the Picayune Street Fair were it hurts the most.

"A lot of our vendors here are people from all over," says Street Fair Chairperson Ina Legg. "Some of them from the Louisiana area, some of them from here, the coastal area. And they've been through a hard time."

Still, the Picayune Main Street Association managed to scrape up more than 225 arts and crafts vendors, and scrape off the post Katrina recovery malaise for the fall edition of their bi-annual downtown celebration.

"Yesterday the streets were so full we couldn't hardly walk down the streets. Today it's a little bit thinner but there's still a lot of people here," said Legg.

An estimated 80 thousand people in fact, that organizers say are starving for entertainment.

"There's not a whole lot to do right now. Not in our area anyway. We're doing it for our community and that's what makes it worth doing."

A community that's grateful for some sweet relief. Some spice of life. And a perfect reason like this to remain hopeful.