Star Ship Cruising To Tampa

The StarShip dining yacht is leaving South Mississippi and heading for Tampa, Fla. Starship signed a lease this week to permanently dock in Tampa and expand its operations into Florida by November.

StarShip President Troy Manthey says the company is looking for another vessel to bring to Biloxi that will replace the current $7 million ship that is docked here now. While they're expanding operations to Florida, the company hopes to make this a smooth transition in both cities.

"Hopefully there is no down time. If we bring another vessel into the market, and we'll make that decision Sept 4th, it will be a seamless transition from when StarShip leaves to go to Tampa," Manthey said.

Manthey says they're looking to enter into a long term lease with a company in order to bring another ship to Biloxi and continue offering cruises.