School Board Members Tackle Challenges In Education

More than 1,000 school board members are sharing ideas, goals and solutions to the problems facing education today. They're meeting at the National School Boards Association's Southern Region Conference in Biloxi.

Executive Director Anne Bryant says the job of schools today is far more difficult than it was in the '50s. Back then, they didn't have the goal to reach every child, and to teach every child to their full potential.

The school board members say it's tough to reach every child, when states are putting the squeeze on funding. Biloxi School Board President Madelon Gruich says now, they have to educate children with less money, and they have to prepare them to be able to perform in today's world. Gruich says it's a bigger challenge than they've ever faced, because there are more demands placed on public schools.

One of those demands, is trying to give students a safe place to learn. Seminar Speaker Dan Tollett says safety is a problem in schools. Tollett says the school boards have done a great job dealing with it and our schools are safe, but they continue to have some problems with people who are doing things they shouldn't be doing.

One of the first steps toward overcoming those problems is getting educators and the community involved in public education. Anne Bryant says it's important for the school board and the teachers to sit down and see how they can raise student achievement, and determine what kind of resources they can provide to tackle the problems.

And by sharing ideas, the school board members hope they can come up with some solutions to help students reach their dreams. The National School Boards Association's Southern Region Conference ends on Saturday.