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Bush Gets High Marks On Coast

When he took office, President George W. Bush asked Americans to give him six months on the job before assessing his performance.

He's just beyond the six month mark, so we decided to take him up on that challenge. We asked asked coast residents to grade the commander in chief.

President Bush apparently has some friends among the fishermen. The trio we talked with at Moses Pier gave the "W" generally high marks.

James Cooper of Gulfport gives Bush a 7 out of 10.

"He's still got a few years left in office, and I think he'll do pretty good. He'll get it straightened out. It's going to take him a little while. But I think he can get it straightened out."

"There's a lot of things he can't do nothing about. When he took office it was already in a mess," Gulfport resident Jacquie Lawson said.

Fisherman Rodney Watt gives the president an 8 out of 10, but says six months isn't much time.

"You gotta wait for another six months to a year really to see what's going on. But I think he's handling himself well right now."

Along with the fishermen, we talked with some postal patrons in Pass Christian. Those willing to comment say President Bush has delivered on his promises.

"He gets an 'A.' If nothing else because he has some integrity. And I'm just glad to have somebody in the White House that puts forth a good image and is a good person," Pass Christian resident Monica Montagnet said.

Barney Govan of Pass Christian also gives the president a thumbs up.

"I think he's a good president. I think he'll do good if the people would just let him alone and help him out, especially in foreign affairs, then he can come home and take care of domestic things here in the United States."

Pass Christian resident Jeff Barber says Americans should give the president a little more time before passing judgement.

"It's hard to grade a president on that short of time. I think you have to look at the overall picture. Give him his four years and see what he can accomplish in the four years."

Overall, we found an upbeat presidential assessment after the first six months.

By Steve Phillips

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