South Pascagoula Residents Mad About FEMA Trailer Being Taken Away

Residents on 13th Court vented all of their frustrations with FEMA and the city of Pascagoula to the city's building inspector Steve Mitchell.

The main complaint FEMA trailers.

"All I want is a FEMA trailer and we've been told today that we can't get one. Said they're going to block everyone in this area from having one," Resident Norma Baker.

That's what Melody Dudeck was told when she lost her trailer just as soon as she got it.

"They brought my trailer today. My husband came home, left again to go get some hamburgers, and when he came back, they were pulling it back up. Somebody from the city told them that there would be no more FEMA trailers in this zone," Dudeck says.

Hearing that got residents angry.

"They want to demolish this area," Dudeck yells.

"We can't just move. We have no place to go,"Gloria Reece says.

"All I want is a FEMA trailer so I can live somewhere nice and not have to go to work with dirty clothes," Baker adds.

"It's gutted out, just a shell," Reece says about her home.

"I've been sleeping on an air mattress with just a light. Dealing with rats, and roaches,"Resident Sonya Gregory says.

"That's all we've heard," Dudeck says.

"Because I'm in the Chipley subdivision,"Gregory says.

According to the city, that's not true.

Building Inspector Mitchell says FEMA trailers are not allowed in the Chipley area.

Most of the homes there were destroyed including those on part of "13th street."

"13th Court" where Melody Dudeck's house is, is just one block away, and according to the city it's fine to put a fema trailer here.

"This is not the area. It's the outer limits of the area.We've got a snag here somewhere that we need to work out," Mitchell says.

Mitchell says the snag's not with the city.

"My initial reason for coming down here was to stop them from leaving with the trailer," Mitchell adds.

Mitchell couldn't stop the trailer from being hauled away.

But a FEMA spokesperson told WLOX News no matter where the mistake was made, the Dudecks will get housing.