Pascagoula Residents Speak Out About Charette Designs For City

You might call it a book of dreams. Dreams of what city leaders and urban designers want to see materialize in Pascagoula.

"We met with public officials and they want to see more quality, affordable housing," Architect Hobby Allred says.

Allred is one of the architects on the Governor's design team for Pascagoula. He and other designers see Krebs Avenue as a good "quality of life place."

"It's kind of a green space downtown we saw as an opportunity to locate some housing. People can live closer to the downtown area," Allred says. "Also, they want to see more clusters of retail development."

And they want more pedestrian friendly waterfronts.

"Right now it's kind of an abandoned east bank of Northrop Grumman. It's a great opportunity site for many mixed uses for both retail and housing," Allred says.

Beautifying the city's waterfronts, revitalizing downtown, and building quality, affordable homes are all visions urban developers and architects have for Pascagoula. But what do Pascagoula residents think?

"I would love to see this happen," Resident Noelle Warren says. "So often you'd like to go some place where you can walk, drink coffee, go to a riverfront and sit down, meet with some friends."

Debbie Fredric owns Shear Southern Style. She likes the idea of clustering businesses together.

"As a business owner, we need people and businesses. I'm all for anything that's going to bring revenue," Fredric says.

Richard Harvey also likes what he sees, but he has one more suggestion.

"I'd like to see more recreational areas for the kids and more things involving the young people," Harvey says.

Barnell Isreal likes the vision so much, he can't think of anything to make it better.

"No, I think they've pretty much covered everything. There's not much you could add to it," Israel says.

But there is something missing, something Scott Yoder and many others have noticed.

"Where's the money going to come from to put these initiatives into practice," Yoder asks.

"I know it costs money and all that. But we all have to rebuild and pull up by our boot straps, so why not make it nicer for everybody," Warren says.

Just how much of this vision goes from the book to reality is the challenge Pascagoula citizens and leaders face.

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