Apartment Hunters Find Slim Pickings

For six years, Dave Johnson called the Racquet Club apartments home. Hurricane Katrina filled his apartment with water, trashing it and most of the other units. So now he lives at the radio station where he works. He's applied for a FEMA trailer and is apartment hunting.

"I'm on waiting lists for several apartments in town. They're all full, ya know, there just aren't that many available. It's kind of hard to find something available," Johnson says.

One property manager says Johnson is right. It's slim pickings when it comes to apartments. There weren't a lot of choices before the hurricane because of the housing boom. Now, since the storm, it's even worse.

"We were occupied in the high 90s in most of our apartment complexes because of the housing boom and because of the increase in residents. I know the Hard Rock brought in a lot of people and we had close to none already. Now it's even more pressure" says Assistant Property Manager, Christina Pahl.

Work is underway to repair damage at some complexes. But Pahl says the waiting lists to rent are still long.

"One of our apartment complexes is sitting on 15 plus pages of waiting lists. Another apartment complex we have has 30, a little over 30 applications. They're just waiting to call people."

Pahl says with such a huge demand, the Coast is an apartment contractors dream, but that's little consolation to people like Dave Johnson who need one now.