Cigarettes Behind Three Interstate Blazes in Three Days

As cars whizzed by, firefighters worked to put out a small brush fire just south of I-10, west of the Highway 603 exit in Jackson County Monday afternoon

"It was only about 20, 25 feet going in, it wasn't very large," said Steve Navarro, a firefighter for the West Jackson County Volunteer Fire Department. "West Jackson County responded, and so did Fort Bayou."

The two firefighting teams were on the scene soon after the fire broke out. They extinguished the fire within minutes, and it didn't take long to discover what caused the blaze--a cigarette.

Monday's incident is the third time in three days that a cigarette has bedn blamed for causing a fire south of the interstate. Over the weekend, there were two fires in West Harrison County, and a cigarette is being blamed for those blazes.

"We just kinda want the message out there, try to stay away from hot items, as i.e., cigarettes or anything else because of the dry grass."

The fire scorched only a small patch of grass near the interstate, and caused traffic to slow to a crawl, but no one was injured. Fortunately, firefighters were able to respond quickly. However, if that hadn't been the case, lives could have been lost--lost because of a fire that was preventable.