Man Claims Bulldozer, Not Katrina Destroyed Home

A Pass Christian man says what Katrina didn't take, a bulldozer did.

The hurricane put Wayne Ford's house in the middle of the street.

Less than a week later, he says the house was torn down without him having a chance to get his belongings.

Now, Ford wants to find out who is responsible but no one seems to want to take credit for clearing the road.

All his life Wayne Ford has lived on Market Street.

Two days after Hurricane Katrina he found his Pass Christian house on top of Market Street.

"The first time we came we saw the house sitting diagonally across Market Street and it was intact. It was in good shape," he said. "There weren't any shingles missing that we could see. There weren't any windows broken the house."

Ford says checkpoints kept him from returning to his house until four days later.

There wasn't much there anymore.

"When we got here the house had been bulldozed. It had been cut in half with part of it on one side of the street and the other half up against my neighbor's house."

Although he knows getting traffic moving is important, Ford doesn't understand the rush.

"I can understand the house having to be cleared but what I can't understand is why did it have to be done so quickly. Why weren't people given the chance to come and retrieve valuables out of their house before it was destroyed."

Ford has had no success figuring out who authorized the demolition.

"There should be a check written to some contract company and there should be an order signed by somebody to do this," said Ford."I don't think somebody just came in here and decided 'I want to bulldoze all these houses and clear the streets. Nobody will fess up to where the order came from and who did it."

Ford says he knows other Pass Christian residents whose homes where also bulldozed off the streets.

With dismay, he talked about suffering a terrible loss two times over."What Katrina didn't take, some man, some human being came and took the rest from me and everybody else that had this done to them."

Because the house was demolished after the storm and before his adjuster had a chance to see it, Ford says he has had problems with his insurance company.

He's trying to contacts others whose homes were demolished to clear for possible litigation.